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Southwest Wines ‘Hatch’ Green Chile wine (NV)

Hatch Green Chile Wine Southwest Wines

Southwest Wine Green Chile Wine

By Shirley Nelson | New Mexico Wino

Green chile wine? It’s a surprising wine style that can only come from one place: New Mexico. Southwest Wines, the mega portfolio of wine brands in Southern New Mexico, blends a refreshing white wine with hints of New Mexico’s famous green chile to produce a wine with a true southwest flair.

It has sharp clarity with a faint aroma of green chile that seems to hit the nose perfectly. It’s strong enough to notice but doesn’t attack. It’s crisp and refreshing with just a touch of sweet. The finish is a bit abrupt, and this wine blend is mild, perhaps a shock for those expecting a kick of heat from the chile.

It all makes for a surprisingly drinkable wine that can be fun conclusion to a New Mexican feast. Try it with, you guessed it, green chile chicken enchiladas or a spinach cream cheese dip.

Who should drink this wine: Wine aficionados with an adventuresome spirit who are looking for a fun wine

Southwest Wines ‘Hatch’ Green Chile Wine (NV)
Alcohol: 12%
Price $10
80 points on Local Wino’s completely arbitrary rating system

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